How to Kill a Tree or, Tree Care 101

Photo/Illustration: Beverly Colgan

No one sets out to subject their tree to a slow and painful death. But many of the “helpful” things we do to our trees are actually responsible for their downfall. Be sure to avoid the following mistakes if you want your tree to live a long and healthy life.

  • Cut off the top branches of the tree to dwarf its size. (It encourages thin branches to grow straight
    up from the cut.)
  • Prune offending branches too close to the trunk.  (It invites massive decay of the trunk.)
  • Attach a birdhouse or other ornament with nails or wire. (It wounds and girdles the branches.)
  • Leave broken branches unpruned. (It provides an entry point for pests and diseases.)
  • Leave the ball lacing and synthetic burlap in place when planting. (It impedes root expansion.)
  • Bury the tree deeper than it was planted in the nursery pot. (It smothers the plant crown.

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