Landscape Maintenance Tips

Landscape Maintenance TipsThe temperature is dropping and it’s dropping fast. We have even started to see some snow flurries. Time is running out to get your lawn ready for winter. A few simple maintenance tasks can help make sure your lawn is healthy and ready for spring.

Landscape Maintenance Tips to get Your Lawn Ready for Winter

A beautifully landscaped home won’t stay that way for long without adequate landscape maintenance.

  1. Don’t Panic: First and foremost, don’t panic. Your lawn will naturally brown in the cold. As long as you take the following precautions, your lawn will be as green as ever come spring.
  2. Mow Your Lawn: Mow you lawn one last time before winter. This helps protect your grass. If you leave your lawn long, the grass could rot on top of itself, damaging your lawn.
  3. Trim Hedges, Trees, and Bushes: Pruning your hedges, trees and bushes, removing any decaying portions, will help ensure these plants look great come spring.
  4. Remove Debris: Just like long grass, removing leaves and other plant debris is important to the overall health of your lawn.
  5. Pre-Mulch: It is never too early to prep your spring landscape. Place about two inches of mulch in your flower beds. This will help protect your roots, helping your plants survive the harsh Maryland winter.
  6. Call Urban Gardens: From basic pruning to caring for specialty gardens, our landscape maintenance team will design a program that will keep your property looking its best all year long. We have the expertise to enhance and maintain any landscape.

Landscape Maintenance from Urban Gardens

Urban Gardens routine maintenance program ensures your property is properly cared for throughout the year. Our landscape maintenance agreement secures a spot on our schedule at least bi-annually to keep your gardens beautiful and problem free.

Our maintenance programs include:

  1. Seasonal landscape & garden clean-up
  2. Seasonal color displays (Annuals and Perennials)
  3. Tree, shrub & perennial pruning and fertilization Weed control programs
  4. Plant bed edging, mulching & weeding
  5. Outdoor Lighting service
  6. Pond and water feature service
  7. Deer control management
  8. Landscape & masonry restoration

If you’re interested in learning more about Landscape Maintenance from Urban Gardens, please contact us by calling (410) 833-4930 or visiting our website.