Outdoor Lighting Fun Facts from your Baltimore, Maryland Hardscaper

Hey Maryland, how much landscape lighting do you have around your Maryland/D.C. home or residence? You need a sufficient amount of landscape lighting to fully enjoy the features of your home and provide some extra benefits you may have not even thought of. Here are a few ways that landscape lighting can improve your home beyond added illuminationmodern house evening:

  • It can increase property value – Not only can it add to the aesthetic, but it can also add to the value of your home. According to a Gallup poll, installing outdoor lighting to highlight the details and landscaping of your home can increase its value by up to 15%. So, it may seem like a little touch, but it’s actually an investment on the future value of your home.
  • It is proven to lower crime – Having outdoor landscape lighting can reduce the amount of crime and even in some cases prevent crime from happening in the first place outside your residence. Studies have concluded that outdoor lighting is successful in preventing crime by making criminal activity more visible to the naked eye. It makes sense, criminals want to do their business in the dark, not in the well-illuminated, professional light.
  • Outdoor landscape lighting doesn’t create expensive energy bills – With systems like light timers and motion sensor, lights can automatically go on and off by themselves. This doesn’t waste energy and can actually help the functionality of  your outdoor landscape lighting system.

With these facts in hand, it makes so much sense to think about your outdoor landscape lighting system as a valuable asset to your home. These kind of lighting systems are the best invisible ally you’ll have in not only making your home welcoming, but in deterring anyone who might want to vandalize or commit crimes near your Maryland or D.C. home. It’s the best friend made of light that you never had.

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