landscaping ideas for your small yard

small yard landscape - landscaping small yard

Just because you have a small yard landscape, that does not mean you have to sacrifice any of your big yard landscaping ideas. There are many tips and tricks that can incorporate all the different design ideas you love into your own space.

tips for landscaping a small yard

  • Create a View – Adding a simple pergola to your yard will give the entrance the grand feel it deserves.
  • Make it Cozy – If the perimeter of your yard is full of lush plants and shrubs, it will block the view beyond your yard, resulting in a cozy, private retreat.
  • Create a Destination – Add a pergola to the back corner of your yard. This gives your eye a destination as well as you! Having somewhere to go will make the yard feel more spacious.
  • Keep Plants Vertical – For landscaping a small yard it is best to use plants that will grow vertical rather than horizontal. These plants not only take up less square footage but they also add to your small yard landscape appeal. It is also important to choose the right plants
  • Add Water Features – Throwing bodies of water in the middle of your yard will help break it up and create an illusion that there is more space than there actually is.

Even if you have a large yard, any of these features would be an aesthetically pleasing addition.

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