Tips for Planning Your Front Yard Landscape

Lacking creativity when it comes to landscape design – particularly in your front yard – will make your house wither away into the background like uncared for plants.  If you’re considering investing some money to create a little curb appeal on your property, try looking at your land from an objective standpoint.  Hop in your car and drive up to your house from both directions, and consider how distinctive your design is.front yard

Plantings aside, evaluate how accessible and inviting your pathways and entryways are.  Then, think about what sort of landscaping requirements need to be addressed: trees and shrubs for framing and accent, size and care of lawn, in addition to structural components like walks, steps, driveways, and so forth.  If you’re not sure where to begin, or need assistance in truly maximizing these elements, contact the professionals Urban Gardens to help get you started in creating an exquisite front yard.


A simple way to spruce up your landscape, appropriately selected plants can quickly add visual interest to your yard.  Trees, shrubs, and ground covers are low-maintenance plants that will grow over time to create a thriving front yard garden.  Flowers are inevitably less hardy and therefore demand more care, but fill in gaps between woody plants well, breaking up their structure and fullness with soft blooms.  Recently, there’s been an increasing trend in adding edible plants to front yard spaces, which often don’t require much maintenance and provide a practical alternative to mere ornamentals.


Utilize plants to frame out walkways, drawing clear paths for people to enter your home.  When paving or hardscaping a path, follow natural access points, otherwise, visitors will bypass your walkway in favor of traipsing across the lawn or garden.  A good rule of thumb is to install paths that are at least 36 inches wide.  Space and scale permitting, 42-54 inches is optimal for side-by-side walking.  Brick pavers, slate, and tile are all attractive alternatives to harsh concrete and unfinished dirt walkways.  Make your front door attract attention with nearby lampposts, accent shrubs, or potted plants flanking either side.

If you’re interested in designing a new yard or making some minor updates, Urban Gardens in Baltimore has you covered. Check out how to save energy with landscaping.

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Planning Your Front-Yard Landscape