children's playspaces

Urban Gardens inc. Landscaping designs and builds amazing custom nature playscapes for children.  Nature play spaces, or playgrounds, are designed to integrate natural components into an unstructured play and learning environment for children.  Nature play spaces encourage creativity, connect children with the outdoors, grow their imagination and promote physical exercise all at once!  A recent study by the University of Tennessee found that kids who played in a natural play space versus a traditional playground engaged in more physical activity, played for longer periods of time, and appeared to use their imaginations more.

You've probably already seen, and maybe even played on, our nature play spaces if you've attended the Md State Fair in the past two years.  Urban Gardens has sponsored the design and build of the Nature Play Space by the Horseland Tent in 2016 and 2017.

We can design and build any components of these play spaces at your home!  Nature play spaces are great ways for children to explore things like sand, maze, nature art, gardening, balancing and building by incorporating educational play into a functional landscape.  Get inspired and see more of our nature playscape ideas on our blog page or our portfolio page.