make a statement with landscape design

A good landscape design is a vision, an interpretation of your wants and needs and how to best incorporate those into the workable space you have. Good landscape design looks nice, but great design looks effortless and natural when built. At Urban Gardens, we are known for the creative edge and forward thinking of owner, Dean Smouse, and the unique visions he creates.

our process

We begin with an initial consultation, which establishes a framework to guide development and begins with a collaboration of ideas and concepts. We do a site analysis to take measurements and notes on existing structures, grades, plant material, and general site conditions. For larger scale projects, conceptual landscape plans are often presented first to help showcase ideas and potential design layouts. The conceptual design phase determines the clients’ needs and desires, and addresses the conditions of the site. From this we can establish the aesthetic, functional, and horticultural requirements for the design. 

Then we enter the creative phase with making the Master Landscape design plans, which provides a grand vision that integrates priorities, goals and objectives and allows for phased installation. Their purpose is to provide design solutions for today’s needs, while also addressing future opportunities. Master planning also establishes a logical sequence for construction and budgeting. Our goal is to develop master plans that allow our clients to realistically achieve their dreams and visions for their landscape, small or large.

Final plans include scale work drawings with detailed locations and specifications of material proposed. We present your master plan and walk through your property together, so you can visualize how the design ideas will come together. In addition to plantings, full scope plans may include the possibility of incorporating hardscaping, ponds, decks, or various other types of shade structures such as gazebos, patios, walls, walks, arbors and pergolas. Written estimates for your project are presented with the plans.

our tree nursery

By appointment only, we offer clients the opportunity to visit our production nursery and preview some of the materials we have selected for their landscape design. Viewing trees and shrubs in their natural and semi-mature state helps clients envision how their landscape design will come to life at home.