DIY Landscaping vs. Professional Landscape Design

Professional Landscape DesignDo-it-yourselfers are leading a revolution. After all, you can learn how to do anything on the Internet, from cooking to mechanics to carpentry and so much more. There are articles you can read, videos you can watch, and detailed instructions on how to do just about anything. So why wouldn’t you opt to go the DIY route over hiring a professional? It’s cheaper and more rewarding, right? Well, not always. This is especially not true when talking about landscaping.

DIY Landscaping vs. Professional Landscape Design

Reading all of the how-to books in the world cannot make up for experience, knowledge, and an artistic flair. These are all qualities that professional landscapers possess. As we have said before, landscaping is so much more than simply placing plants, flowers, trees and shrubs throughout a yard. Proper landscaping takes knowledge, a good creative eye, and, most importantly, proper planning. This last part is where many DIYers come up short – planning.

Benefits of Professional Landscape Design

  1. Planning: When it comes to your landscape, you want the final product to look like one yard, not a collection of disjointed projects. This is why planning is so important. You need to have a plan before planting the very first flower. While many DIYers focus on only one aspect of their landscape at a time, a professional landscape designer will help you look at the bigger picture and make sure every aspect of your landscape flows together.
  2. Knowledge: A professional landscaper knows which plants go best together and which plants thrive in your climate. Do you?
  3. Execution: Not only does a professional landscaper know how to design a landscape, not only do they know what plants work well together, but they also know how to execute a landscape.
  4. And More!

Professional Landscape Design from Urban Gardens

Landscape design establishes a framework to guide development and begins with a collaboration of ideas and concepts. The landscape designers at Urban Gardens will discuss your project with you in order to determine how best to achieve your vision and determine your project budget, scope and other details.

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