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landscaping ideas for your small yard

small yard landscape - landscaping small yard

Just because you have a small yard landscape, that does not mean you have to sacrifice any of your big yard landscaping ideas. There are many tips and tricks that can incorporate all the different design ideas you love into your own space.

tips for landscaping a small yard

  • Create a View – Adding a simple pergola to your yard will give the entrance the grand feel it deserves.
  • Make it Cozy – If the perimeter of your yard is full of lush plants and shrubs, it will block the view beyond your yard, resulting in a cozy, private retreat.
  • Create a Destination – Add a pergola to the back corner of your yard. This gives your eye a destination as well as you! Having somewhere to go will make the yard feel more spacious.
  • Keep Plants Vertical – For landscaping a small yard it is best to use plants that will grow vertical rather than horizontal. These plants not only take up less square footage but they also add to your small yard landscape appeal. It is also important to choose the right plants
  • Add Water Features – Throwing bodies of water in the middle of your yard will help break it up and create an illusion that there is more space than there actually is.

Even if you have a large yard, any of these features would be an aesthetically pleasing addition.

If you’re interested in designing a new small yard landscape or make some minor updates to your landscaping, Urban Gardens in Baltimore has you covered with their top notch landscaping services.

Urban Gardens is located at 4405 Butler Road in Reisterstown, MD. For more information, please visit our contact page or call us at (410) 833-4930.

For even more tips and ideas for your small yard landscape visit Better Homes and Gardens page “Landscaping Small Yard”: Better Homes and Gardens

Md Home & Garden Show 2016 Awards

Urban Gardens is proud to be the recipient of four awards at this year’s Md Home and Garden Show.  Our garden display, themed, “Garden Therapy” won 2nd place in the Commercial Gardens Division.  We also won “Best Color Harmony”,  “Most Effective and Practical Use of Plants” by the Horticultural Society of Maryland, and the Outstanding Achievement Award! Check out our 2018 show.

Dr. Q’s Quest


Thank you to all our friends and family who took the time to join us last night at the 2015 Q Quest Valentines Day Auction.  We are continually amazed by the depth of support we personally receive from all of you, and were equally overwhelmed by the show of faces we saw last night.  Urban Gardens donated a $6000.00 landscape package to the auction, and the winning bid was awarded at $4000.00!  Congratulations and Thank You to the couple who won.

A huge nod to Michael Lopez for his energy and dedication to fundraising for Dr. Quinones.  Michael personally spearheads several fundraisers for Dr. Q’s Quest in honor of those in his life impacted by brain cancer.

The road of cancer is uncharted, and often made navigable only by the support and caring of others.  Do not ever underestimate the power of supporting someones cause.  Know that YOU may be the reason they were able to make it down that road.  Thank you everyone!

How Did Your Patio Pavers Weather the Winter?

Courtesy of E.P. Henry Corporation Blog:

It’s time to get your patio ready for the new season. But wait, before you roll out the rug, take the cushions out of storage, and re-hang the lanterns, a good patio cleaning may be needed as well.  Here are some tips to help you set the stage and get ready to enjoy your outdoor living space by warming your patio for the winter.

  • Pavers: While good looking and long lasting, do require some upkeep. Mold and other organic stains can detract from their beauty and harsh winter weather can dull their appearance. The good news is, there are patio cleaning products and services that can get them back to looking brand new in as little as one day.  Seal ‘n Lock, an environmentally safe cleaning and sealing process, restores your patio, walkway and driveway pavers without using toxic chemicals. This pet and plant friendly system dries in hours and allows you to use your patio the very next day.


  • Edging: Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or you hire a pro, your patio, walkway and driveway will look neater and cleaner after being edged.  Additionally, edging protects large plant roots from lawnmower blades and helps keep weeds from encroaching into the crevices of your pavers.
  • Uninvited guests: Use a broom, hose or leaf blower around light fixtures, windows and doors to eliminate cobwebs and critters that will surely be found in covered furniture, umbrellas, grills and other outdoor items that were stored for the winter.
  • Cushions: Always check the manufacture’s tag for instructions first, but here’s a simple and effective way to freshen your cushions:


Do a Greens Check: In addition to your patio cleaning, make sure you check the lawn as well. Although it may not be in need of a mowing just patio cleaningyet, a good feed and weed along with checking for divots left by forgoing animals will get your backyard ready for the summer foot traffic.

Just think, if you get the whole family involved, you could be enjoying your morning cup of coffee on your sparkling clean patio by the weekend.

Tips for Planning Your Front Yard Landscape

Lacking creativity when it comes to landscape design – particularly in your front yard – will make your house wither away into the background like uncared for plants.  If you’re considering investing some money to create a little curb appeal on your property, try looking at your land from an objective standpoint.  Hop in your car and drive up to your house from both directions, and consider how distinctive your design is.front yard

Plantings aside, evaluate how accessible and inviting your pathways and entryways are.  Then, think about what sort of landscaping requirements need to be addressed: trees and shrubs for framing and accent, size and care of lawn, in addition to structural components like walks, steps, driveways, and so forth.  If you’re not sure where to begin, or need assistance in truly maximizing these elements, contact the professionals Urban Gardens to help get you started in creating an exquisite front yard.


A simple way to spruce up your landscape, appropriately selected plants can quickly add visual interest to your yard.  Trees, shrubs, and ground covers are low-maintenance plants that will grow over time to create a thriving front yard garden.  Flowers are inevitably less hardy and therefore demand more care, but fill in gaps between woody plants well, breaking up their structure and fullness with soft blooms.  Recently, there’s been an increasing trend in adding edible plants to front yard spaces, which often don’t require much maintenance and provide a practical alternative to mere ornamentals.


Utilize plants to frame out walkways, drawing clear paths for people to enter your home.  When paving or hardscaping a path, follow natural access points, otherwise, visitors will bypass your walkway in favor of traipsing across the lawn or garden.  A good rule of thumb is to install paths that are at least 36 inches wide.  Space and scale permitting, 42-54 inches is optimal for side-by-side walking.  Brick pavers, slate, and tile are all attractive alternatives to harsh concrete and unfinished dirt walkways.  Make your front door attract attention with nearby lampposts, accent shrubs, or potted plants flanking either side.

If you’re interested in designing a new yard or making some minor updates, Urban Gardens in Baltimore has you covered. Check out how to save energy with landscaping.

Urban Gardens is located at 4405 Butler Road in Reisterstown, MD. For more information, please visit our website or call us at (410) 833-4930.

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Planning Your Front-Yard Landscape

Choosing the Right Plants for Your Garden, From Your Baltimore Landscaper

Gardens are beautiful and bring light and life into any space. At the same time, they also take work, care and attention. Sometimes in our busy lives, we do not have the time to take care of gardens day in and day out. That is why it is helpful to pick plants that can survive easily in your area of the world and don’t require a lot of maintenance. If you are living in Baltimore, Maryland, there is no sense in trying to plant something that needs a warm climate year round. garden

One of the biggest factors in your plant’s health is water. If you will not be available to water your plants often you can either make sure you have a timed sprinkler that waters them when necessary, or buy plants that are drought-resistant and thus do not need very much water, such as a cactus. There are many plants that are specific for different regions or cities and grow best in those areas, so choosing plants that grow best in your city will mean they will be easier to maintain and look healthier.

Another important factor for deciding on plants for your garden is size.  All of your plants will grow to be much larger than the seedlings that you plant. Make sure that you are prepared for this growth. Also, do not plant plants too close to one another. If you do plant them too close together this could stunt the growth of them and affect their life.

Information like how big your plants will grow and how far apart to plant them can be found easily on the internet and in books anywhere.  If you do not want to spend the time on this, you can also hire a garden designer. These experts can help you with any of your plant choosing questions.

As you can see, deciding what plants to put in your garden is a decision that needs some consideration for many different factors. Once you have ironed out all of the particulars though, all of your planning and thought will be worth it.

If you’re interested in designing a new yard or making some minor updates, Urban Gardens in Baltimore has you covered.

Urban Gardens is located at 4405 Butler Road in Reisterstown, MD. For more information, please visit our website or call us at (410) 833-4930.

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