Hillside Landscaping

Ideas for steep slopes and hillsides must consider erosion control as well as designstone stack wall

The methods of landscaping steep slopes and hillsides must simply address creative ways to hold the property in place.   While designs may vary depending on location, materials, and other circumstances, the basics are pretty much the same for most.

One of the most common methods of erosion control on steep slopes and hillside landscapes is in terracing with either stone or retaining walls. A common practice in farming and landscaping for thousands of years, terracing levels out the steep ground by cut and fill methods of transferring the soil and holding it in place with hardscapes.

Retaining Walls
Since retaining walls are some of the most common methods of terracing steep hillsides, we’ll look at this first. As you’ll see, most of these walls are made of pre fab concrete blocks that can be faced with stone, or are built with paver blocks.

Rock Garden Walls
Rock garden walls are another popular option fro erosion control and drainage.  These low walls are built from natural stone and also serve as natural seating with the landscape.