Landscaping as an Energy Saving Solution

You already know that landscaping can make your yard more beautiful and inviting. Did you also know that it is a great energy saving solution in both summer and winter? The problems that cause the most need for heating and cooling can be eradicated in very simple ways by adding landscaping features to your front or back yard.Energy Saving Landscaping

  • Adding large trees – Large deciduous trees are beneficial in the summertime because they offer shade. If the trees are strategically placed near windows or over the house, they can prevent too much sunlight and heat from permeating your home, which is a great energy saving method. The less heat you have coming in, the less air you’ll need to be running. In the winter, the trees will have shed their leaves and allowed sunlight to stream in to help heat your home. Trees can also block cold wind from getting through the cracks and into your house.
  • Grasses and Shrubs – Blacktop and concrete absorb a lot of heat and cause the area directly around them to be at least a few degrees warmer than areas with a lot of grass or greenery. This phenomenon is called an urban heat island. In the summer, this can be very dangerous to your electric bill. The best way to avoid an urban heat island is to replace as much of the blacktop and concrete around your home as you can with grasses and shrubs. While grasses won’t be as helpful in the winter, if the shrubs are high enough they will have a similar impact to the large deciduous trees.
  • Decks and Fences – Fences can help block wind and keep a home insulated in that way. Decks are a similar idea and can also make you want to be out of your house more. The more you’re outside enjoying the great landscape that you have created, the more energy you’ll save. You can also use solar lamps outside that will last through the day and into the night.

If you’re interested in designing a new energy saving yard or making some minor updates, Urban Gardens in Baltimore has you covered. Check out front yard landscaping tips.

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Source: Landscaping for Energy Efficiency