Warming Your Patio for Winter

Winter Patio WarmthAfter spending lots of time and money on making sure that your landscaping is the best that it can be, the last thing you want to do is have to neglect it during the fall and winter months due to the cold weather. You still want to enjoy nights with family and friends on your carefully designed Urban Gardens patio. You may be wondering; what can I do to make my backyard a great place to be in the cold months? At Urban Gardens, we have some solutions for you.

Block the wind – Wind can be a huge deterrent in going outside during the winter. It makes the cold even colder and can chill you right to the bone. Add some sort of fencing or wind block to help keep your outdoor space warm and welcoming. You can also use trellises or arbors with blinds or winter friendly plants to block the wind.

Add a fire pit – Nothing says warm in the winter like a built in outdoor fire pit. Snuggle up with some nice throws and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and enjoy the fresh air this winter. A fire pit is great for gatherings in both summer and winter and adds a little bit of flare to your patio. You can also add to your home’s curb appeal and resale value by adding a fire pit.

Add lighting – Lighting will not actually make your outdoor space any warmer, but with the sun setting so early now, it’ll make it more welcoming and give it a warmer feel. Track lighting, accent lighting, and path lighting can all help you make your patio feel warmer and more hospitable in the cold winter months. The lighting will accent your patio nicely and can be used year round.

Don’t let your outdoor space go to waste when it gets cold. Make your patio a comfortable and welcoming place year round by using some of the tips listed above or calling Urban Gardens for some more winter patio ideas!

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