Winter Landscaping Tips

Winter Landscaping TipsIt’s starting to get colder outside and winter is just around the corner. One thing that most people neglect during the winter is their landscaping. Just because it is cold outside and snow is coming does not mean your landscaping doesn’t still need some TLC throughout the wintertime. Check out some maintenance tips from Urban Garden to keep all of that hard work preserved and ready for next spring!

Lawn – To liven your lawn back up at the end of winter, lightly spread some nitrogen fertilizer. All of those cold winter freezes can leave your grass brown and lack luster. Speaking of freezes, make sure to stay off of your grass as much as possible when it’s frozen. You should also make sure that any defrosting agent for your pavement that may eventually touch the grass is not salt based. Try something like sand instead.

Trees and Shrubs – If rain or snow is lacking in the late fall/early winter months, make sure you give your evergreens enough water to keep them ever green. Wrap any trees that may receive rodent damage to make sure that they make it through the winter. When the cold weather starts to ease a little bit, prune trees down. There is no better time to prune that at the end of winter.

Garden – Go through your bulbs and get rid of the ones that are soft or rotten and make sure that your plot is ready for spring. Get a head start on ordering seeds for the spring and planning your garden in your head so you’ll be ready to plant when the season begins.

Another great idea for winter is to start planning out what kind of landscaping you’re interested in for the spring. There is no bad time to start discussing ideas with Urban Gardens and getting a head start on your spring/summer landscaping!

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